Fascinators – The beginning 2012


Two years ago I was wandering round Southampton shopping centreĀ  with my daughter and we went into a big shop. It had a display of fascinators which have become very popular recently, I have always loved hats but these small varieties of pretty hair adornments took my breath away. I just had to try them on. I was full of enthusiam and decided to make some, twenty years ago I was a knitwear designer using lots of embellishments and it stirred up old feelings of the love of fabrics and trims. It was not to be at the time, I was teaching arts and crafts at the college in the New Forest and we were still refurbishing our house which did not leave me enough time and the right mood to create something new. Surprising as I retired five years ago from being a Nutritional therapist and allergy consultant, but timing is everything. 2011 became the right time, when the new schedule for adult education teachingĀ  were asked for I decided to go for it at last, so have classes running now and through 2011-2012 at three colleges in the New Forest and offering private group classes for 6 or more people . the first one ran in early April and the students loved it so much we are about to start an advanced class and there are also summer school classes at Brockenhurst College so visitors can attend while in this lovely part of the world. I have also booked several craft shows to sell my creations, otherwise I will be wandering around cooking the dinner wearing a different one every day. Some people may say that is what I would do anyway!

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